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How To Make Money Just For Searching

Do you really want to earn money online? Do you search a lot online to learn ways to make money on the internet? Do you get puzzled on how and where to start earning with all the hundreds results on google, yahoo or MSN? If your answer is a big “YES, I do.” Well, let me tell you this: what you are doing now – of simply doing searches, can bring in money to your wallet. See? How would you like to hear that you will get paid for searching?

Imagine your desire to make money online and putting it into action by doing searches to gain knowledge on how and where to start are being paid! Basically, you’re already on the right track if you will utilize either one of these 2 sites that rewards its members just by searching. So I suggest, just do the following for you to start now:

1. MY HOMEPAGES-FRIENDS uses yahoo as it’s search engine as can be seen with the search result. Every time I use the toolbar to search for anything on the web, I earn something and since everyone has to eventually search for something on the web, might as well earn money from it.

I only spend one thing for online money making, it is my precious time. If you're smart enough not to get hooked and addicted to surfing the internet you can manage and allocate your time properly for these online ventures. I warn you, manage your time well because it can be addicting - why addicting? Because you will have a lot of fun. For months now, I have made money online and I am enjoying it. I made a lot of friends in discussion forums related to online money making. I get to learn how to avoid potential scams; tips on the fastest way to earn; tricks on the easiest way to make money online, and so much more!

2. SCOUR.COM draw together the greatness of Google, Yahoo, and MSN which are searched all at once for you! According to Scour , top search engines make billions of dollars a year in advertising revenue and they would love to see their users to have a piece of that too. Every member is awarded one point for every search, two for a vote and three for a comment with a maximum of 4 points a search. Once you aggregate at least 6,500 points you can cash them out for a $25 Visa gift card... it's more than you currently make from searching, right? On top of that, Scour offer referral points for the friends you introduce to Scour where you can earn 25% of the points they make. So if you invited 25 friends that used scour regularly in addition to yourself, that's an easy $125 in your pocket for a year of what you already do! Check out how much you could earn with the Scour Points Calculator. This isn't a pyramid scheme and absolutely, not trying to get you rich quick, Scour believe that it's a good idea to share success with those who help make it possible. Furthermore, you can have fun in the Scour community and get rewarded for it!What are you waiting for? Let’s Scour some points now!

3. Install search toolbar

4. Search anything that comes into your mind using search tool bar.

Easy, isn’t it?

Search anything that comes into your mind using search tool bar.
Monday, January 26, 2009

Get-Paid-To Post in Forums

If you enjoy hanging out at forum boards, perhaps you could make money at the same time while having a discussion with mind-like individuals. New forum owners usually pays forum poster because who would like to join an empty forum? Would you? This is one among the easiest way to make money fast. You get paid every post you make as little or as many as you want. Earn an average of $0.20 per post. Here’s some list where you can apply as forum poster:

1. Best Forum Posting. Other than forum posting, services includes editing, article creation, press release, templating SMF forum or community software/forum design.

2. Forum First. They pay on time. Other services includes blog commenting and social bookmarking services.

3. Paid Posting Tools. This site has a huge number of members. Admins and fellow members are ready to help. They have blog posting services too. Pays on time.

4. Paid Forum Posting. They have a very professional forum posters. Over 200 satisfied clients. Services include article writing and forum moderation. They pay writers on time.

The above sites are just few examples that I heard were paying their writers on time. There are hundreds of forum posting services available online, however, many sites end up closing. So before you decide to apply as forum poster/writer, make sure to read website's TOS and visit their forum to check on other writers' feedback. Or else, you will be wasting your time posting on forums and won't get compensated.

, Monday, January 26, 2009

My 4 Best Information Source

The following are my best information source to know about something I know nothing about.

Unbeatable google search engine rules the web. Ok, fine. It has a very simple webpage but tremendously offers the best information you can get.

2. is the second largest search engine. Also owned by google. I use youtube to learn things fast especially when I get lazy reading e-books. Youtube is best for me to listen to tutorials. The best thing is that the information are free! So much more for boring days, youtube has a bunch of funny videos I can watch.

Although Yahoo's website is full of navigation links, unlike google's simplicity but works great, yahoo sometimes confuses me but it can be useful if you go directly to what I am interested in. I only uses yahoo to check on the latest current events, check on the latest entertainment gossips, latest interesting movies and other things mostly like "who's who?".

For certain niche sites that I'd like to take a look and learn from other successful niche-builder-millionnaires, I use MSN. Google have in-indexed BANS site, thus it's hard for me to check on these sites if i'll use google. So, for anyone who wants to buy something online and get some free information and reviews on a certain product, I suggest MSN has something to offer.
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 Ways to Pick Up Business in a Down Economy


Remember the bumper stickers back in the nineties that said "Kill Your Television"?

Well, based on all the over simplified economic news coming from the major networks, the financial networks and radio too-it's something to consider again. No doubt, when the challenges of the current economy are studied in history, a major factor driving the psychology of the event will be the media.

There's one problem with "mass media", sweeping generalizations. The broad brush-the it's everywhere approach-lacks specifics for each of our own backyards.

The result is that a lot of business owners experiencing a slowdown just say it's the economy. Newsflash, there are companies that make millions of dollars in bad times. So, it can be done. Here's how:

1. Focus on Your World

The news is a sweeping generalization and has no problem letting us think this is the way of the world. Take a hard look at the reality of your situation:

Are you still in business?

Are you in foreclosure or in danger of getting there?

Do you work in a failed bank or investment firm?

Is your industry of field lined up for a bailout?
If not, pay attention to what's affecting you--not what the media says is affecting us. Do you work. Reposition your produces and services to meet your customers changing needs. Don't sit on your hands and blame the economy.

2. Protect Existing Customers/Clients

When was the last time you communicated with them without trying to sell them something? Bad idea if it's been longer than a few weeks. Get a newsletter or ezine going now and a minimum of monthly. Figure our ways you can start right now to show them how you appreciate them. Show them you solve their problems and don't be a source of their worries or fears. Even better, start making them some great offers the boosts value so they continue to spend money with your business.

3. Install or Crank Up Referral Programs

New marketing is expensive and referrals are far easier and cheaper to get. Your customers are like seeds in an apple. You can focus on how many seeds are in the apple. Getting referrals is focusing on how many apples are in a seed. If your clients like you, then you're good for the people they like. Make that point clear and get referrals--now!

4. Know Who Buys What

Not all of your customers or clients buy everything you have to offer. Start breaking down your list to who buys what. Now you can sell what they want easier, identify and right buyer for new business. Then create campaigns to cross sell to your client base. No time? List companies can do it for you. Does it work? Well, there has to be a reason Head & Shoulders has 9 different shampoos.

5. Fix Your Customer Service

When business was for the taking, customer service wasn't very important. Now, a lax customer service is the room where your competitors will drive a wedge between you and your profits (or survival). Conduct a top to bottom review of all the points anyone in your company comes in contact with a customer. Are complaints resolved quickly? Do people show up on time for appointment? Are things ready with a client wants them? Better be 100% sure. .

6. Multiple Marketing Campaigns

I've kicked up the sales volume for many a client who they thought what they were doing was enough. After looking at the numbers and facts, they actually had a capacity to do a lot more marketing. Dan Kennedy says, "The most dangerous number is 1." So if you only have one way to market; what happens when you business slows down? Right, blame the economy because MSNBC says so. Same goes for referral programs--having and executing only one does not cut in today's business environment.

7. Joint Ventures

Have you ever considered a JV with any business that has customers who fit the same profile as your ideal customers? If you're a professional I'll wager there are other businesses in your building that would make excellent JV partners. JVs are like making a sale; you have to ask to get one. Look, after referrals this should be the next avenue you use for new business in 2009.

8. Use Off line Marketing

It's ironic to recommend that strategy in an ezine article. Online marketing is big and getting bigger. The total RSS feeds, ezines, blogs and landing pages will double in 2008 and do so again in 2009. The number is even larger for emails. That makes older media more attractive because there's less competition. Direct mail, display ads, inserts, post cards and printed newsletters--when done right produce very profitable results. Don't give up on an older media just because a new one comes along. Think of ways to go "Old School"

9. Tie In Promotions

Just tying your promotions to the national holidays gives you eleven additional campaigns in 2009. Use any or all of the manufactured events like Mother's Day, Father's Day, the vernal equinox or summer solstice and you got more than any competitor can think of in a year. Get thee a marketing calendar and start making plans. Of course, you can make up your own reasons for a promotion. If the economy seems crazy, they go crazy yourself.

10. Give More Away

Put the Law of Reciprocity to work for you. Send gifts in the mail, free samples, sweeten offers with bonuses and free stuff. Too expensive you say? Information costs you nothing to give away. Bonus reports and "how to" information goes a long way. Want a great lesson on how to do this? Donate to a charity with a lot of marketing savvy. I recommend the DAV and Covenant House. You'll help a good cause and get a graduate level education on how to use free stuff. Remember donate to charities you believe in and support.

Any turn down in the economy does not last forever. The trick is to make sure your business can outlast the cycle. Turn off the TV and get to work. Give your competition something more to worry about than a bad economy-you.

Tim Hayes is principal of Timothy Hayes Copywriting/Consulting. His practice provides marketing communications, direct response programs and consulting for B2B and B2C organizations. With over 23 years face to face selling and marketing experience you get an unfair advantage in all your marketing communications. Tim offers marketing consulting through his Half and Full Day with Tim program. To get full details on the complete services for Timothy Hayes Copywriting/Consulting visit Tim can be reached by phone at (978) 269-4861, email at or fax (978) 453-1873.
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 How-to Basic Tips to Search For an Online Business


"In life and business, there are 2 cardinal sins. The first is to act precipitously without thought and the second is to not act at all." Carl Icahn, American Billionaire Financier.

If you are reading this, you are without the first sin. Because choosing a business that fits is so vital to your success, researching and thinking it through is a necessary first step. I will touch on the basics which are:

1. What area or niche is right for you

2. Starting the search

3. Examining businesses

4. Looking at products

5. Looking at the competition and future customers

6. Finding a business model

7. Time to act

1. What are you passionate about? What would you rather be doing instead of anything else? This will be the niche that you look at. Type "online business" into a search engine (SE), you'll find Yahoo lists 920,000,000 sites and Google lists 9,600,000 sites. Yes, that's millions. Don't worry! That's why you must put thought and research into building a business. This will help you to stand out from the crowd. Take notes of all that you notice, both what you like and dislike.

2. After choosing your niche, think about all the words and phrases describing your niche. Type them into a search bar. Notice key words used on these sites. Notice the different pages as you click on the titles that grab your attention. Are the sites attractive or cluttered (too many ads or no call to action) or neither? Write down the company name. These names will give you ideas when you are choosing a website name.

3. As you examine these companies, find the owner. Type their "name" inside parentheses into a search bar to find out about them and their businesses.

Look at the guarantees and reviews listed. Use some sense, here, either common sense, horse sense, or hunches. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be a cynic when looking at reviews. See what they focus on and think what if the opposite is true. You will never know for sure until you try it. But, is it reasonable? More importantly, is it something you can achieve, maybe even a fourth or half of it? Some have achieved large incomes, it's true.

4. You have to look at and evaluate the products to see if they fit you or you would feel comfortable and enthusiastic in selling them. This is important, but network marketing isn't about selling products. It is about selling you. You must come across as trustworthy, true to yourself, and true to the ideals that you live by.

Areas to explore are: being an affiliate, selling someone's product (info ebooks, services like site building, or consumables) or selling your ebooks (info of some kind). Being an affiliate means that you can earn while you learn. WARNING! It all takes time. How much? You are the only one that can answer that.

5. You have already looked at your competitors sites. Study your notes, keywords, and phrases. Try to find any gaps (unique products or areas not covered) that you can fill. This will be a way for you to stand out in your niche. But, if you become an affiliate first, you will focus on your products. But spend some time each day learning all you can about your niche, the people who would be interested in your niche, and the unique products that would solve a problem or give someone pleasure. You must know everything possible about your future customers.

6. Once you have found the business for you, make sure you find a successful model that you can follow. If you have chosen the right business, this would be someone within this niche. Do all the things they are doing. Improve on their methods if you can. This will insure your success, too.

One way to follow a mentor, is to buy their books. Or, research at the library, used book stores, and the net, to find a guide. For instance, Amazon has 16,767 books about online businesses. What I like about Amazon, you can take a peek inside most of their books while online.

7. Time is the only thing we can't buy or produce. You can save time by out sourcing some of the writing involved. Writing you say! SSH. Don't scare them away! Why, after all, we are talking about something that is their passion. If they can talk about it, they can write about it.

It not only takes time to find the right business, it takes time to set up an awesome website or business. There is a lot of information about domains (buying a name for your business from godaddy or hostgator), designing your website, and driving traffic to your website, so I won't go into that here. Your notes and keywords will help you in this area.

I am almost finished, but you are just starting. Continue learning all you can about your niche and the business that you want, no, MUST have. Remember the quote that began this article?

Now it is up to you to escape the second sin. YOU must ACT!

Thank you. I wish you the best of success in your new business.

Written by Jerry Collins whose business is found at:
Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Simple Things to Start My Day


I'm a fan of Tim Ferriss, who wrote the bestselling 4HWW (4-Hour Work Week) and Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. These two interesting individual have made amazing impacts to thousands of readers. And I am one of them. They are not blogging about typical money-making etcetera on the net but about lifestyle productivity.

I believe that in order to be successful in any thing I’m interested in, I have to start from within – a positive, balanced mind, body, and soul. These are the three elements that I have been practicing daily. (Actually, there are four elements – mind, body, soul and heart. But I simplified it to three by combining soul and heart as one.) How?


For my heart and soul: I pray or meditate for few minutes to start my day.

For my body: I exercise. Simple crunches daily and I’m good for the day.

For my mind: I read.

Since I started studying Nursing, it becomes my daily habit. However, when I got my RN and got busy in the hospital, there were days I tend to ignore it, ‘til I found the sites of Leo and Tim and I got inspired to be more focus again.

I was comparing my life between practicing good habits daily [before] and ignoring it [some days ago], I realized that I am more productive if I’ll simply do my 3 daily habits. And for today and more tomorrows to come, I’m back again to make my 2009 the best by starting my day with 3 simple accomplishments.
Saturday, January 10, 2009

Get Paid To Search


I enjoy the web and I like making money, so, I Google a lot to search for ways to earn money online. I only choose money making opportunities that are “free to join”. I found out there's hundreds of them! There's so many ways to make money online and the most interesting part is that you can join these programs and start earning without initial investment- it's totally free!

Along the way, I found out the I can earn money through searching! Why not try it, right? So I joined this site for FREE. I simply followed their instruction and in less than 5 minutes my tool bar is set. By the way, uses yahoo as it’s search engine as can be seen with the search result. Every time I use the toolbar to search for anything on the web, I earn something and since everyone has to eventually search for something on the web, might as well earn money from it.

I only spend one thing for online money making, it is my precious time. If you're smart enough not to get hooked and addicted to surfing the internet you can manage and allocate your time properly for these online ventures. I warn you, manage your time well because it can be addicting - why addicting? - because you will have a lot of fun. For months now, I have made money online and I am enjoying it. I made a lot of friends in discussion forums related to online money making. I get to learn how to avoid potential scams; tips on the fastest way to earn; tricks on the easiest way to make money online, and so much more!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Setting Goals for 2009

Why did I come up with this blog? Ok, in finance we have the so-called leverage. Leverage or "gearing" is a borrowed money to suplement the existing funds for investment in such a way that the potential positive outcome is enhanced. In my case, I only borrowed money from my other online money maker where I earn few pennies everyday (technically, it's still mine hehehe). Earning pennies may be peanuts for many and a waste of time. Well, I only spend 5 minutes of my day for months, now I have loads of peanuts ready to sell for another investment. Although it's not much but it's good enough to buy a domain and maintain a monthly webhosting.

So my goal now is to turn my 9 cents per day to 99 cents/day... hmmm... that's not challenging enough. How about...if I'll turn it to $99.00 per day! Wow.. sweet, how i wish I could make it. Isn't that too ambitious for me? Actually, I really don't know yet how much I should set my goal. Uhm, lemme check my notes again.

Ok, my note shows that when we set a goal it should be SMART! Ahem... SMART as in specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Oh my, I have to make another post for this! I think I'll have to jot this down on a piece of paper later tonight and post it when I'm done. I'm going to do that later because right now I'm still busy constructing website (FYI: I'm a total noob!). I'm starting from scratch and I have to watch a lot of tutorials for me to learn things - and that will take a lot of time. By the way, I heard about outsourcing too. But I don't have enough money yet to spend on outsourcing. All I have is my few pennies and TIME (to invest) for me to gain knowledge about setting up this website.

I guess it's high time to watch tutorials and do searches. Whew! Why don't you subscribe my blog to keep track on how i'm doing? I would be delighted to share my journey on how I will leverage my 9 cents to something a little more. Challenging, isn't it?

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Saturday, January 03, 2009