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How To Avoid Scammers

Eventually, you will come across many PTR and PTC websites. Unfortunately some of them are scams. This means that they will not pay you for the ads you click. Avoiding them is not too hard. Basically, if the website offers more to their members than what they will earn from their advertisers, obviously it's a scam. Along the way, in this business you will also encounter websites that offer like crazy - like discounts on purchases and more! For sure, those are scams.. so don’t waste your time with them.

Do your homework. Google the site and find out some reviews. Moreover, if you read closely the following "brilliant warnings," it will save your ass - big time! Its not possible to avoid all scams but there are a few tips to avoid most scams. Now, here's a brief review on these tips.

1. Avoid Sites with Free Hosts and Free Domains

Explanation: A lot of new site pop up with a free hosts like webspacemania, 000webhost etc. and free domains like,, etc. All such sites should be avoided.

Reason: When the owner cant invest a few bucks in getting a good Hosting and a good Domain Name, how do you expect such a person to pay you for a long time? Best

Example: ExcellentBux which started off with a free host and ultimately turned out a scam.

2. Avoid Sites with the Default Design

Explanation: Every script has their own default design. For example: YourOwnBux scripts have a white layout and adbux script has a greyish layout and so on and on and on. Reason: Well, if a user doesnt have his own creativity to get a good design or atleast cannot pay someone to make his site unique what confirmation do you get to say that they will pay you for a long while? Best Example:, still the same old YOB script and design and yet a scam.

3. No Forum? No Support? Not Trusted!!!

Explanation: A new PTC doesnt have a forum or any other means of Support System other than the contact page? Such sites a least trusted. Reason: This clearly states that the owner doesnt want to interact with his users and attend their technical/any kind of problem with their site, you can never expect him/her to be hanging around for a long while. And you will have the least chances of getting paid. Best Example:, no forum, no news, no payments.

4. Bugs Found? No Improvement? No Payment.

Explanation: Generally pre-made scripts like the clone and YourOwnBux has built in bugs in them. Found any bug in the script, the most found bug Referral Bug. Verify it with someone who has already signed up before you if the site has a referral bug or not and then you can try your luck. Reason: When the site owner cant fix a small bug or cant hire a coder to fix a minor bug, how can he afford to pay its users or can fix a Payment Bug or Referral Purchase Bug and ultimately you will be the loser.

5. Default TOS/FAQ/Privacy Policy, Default Payments=No Payments

Explanation: Read the TOS/FAQ/Privacy Policy before joining a site. Scams generally dont update them since they are lazy. You should avoid them. Reason: A lazy owner to update a few details will surely be lazy to pay the site's users or add referrals or premium membership or respond to a Support Ticket. So, what is it now? A scam.

6. The Figures, Do they add up?

Explanation: Sustainability in a site is a key factor in the success or failure of a PTC site. Without the ability for the site to be sustainable on the sale of advertising alone, the site is classified as a Ponzi Scheme. Ponzi Schemes are programs which function based solely on the sale of upgrades and referrals, once the referrals and upgrade sales stop, the payments stop too. That is why it is key to making sure the site is sustainable.

Reason: For example if a site pays $0.01 per click then the maximum amount of money they would have to pay to people for a 1000 click ad is $20 ($10 from the person clicking plus $10 for referral clicks). If what they are selling 1,000 click ad's for only say $8 then they are making a $12 loss per 1,000 click ad someone buys. It should be noted that sustainability through pricing applies mainly to bux-style scripts. Aurora's are a different and more successful business model.

Best Example: icashout.

As stated earlier, in order for the site to be able to pay people, these loses must be made up elsewhere, in order to create a profit. PTC sites often due this through the sale of referrals and upgrades. When the sale of these run out, the payments will be delayed or in most cases, stopped, leaving the users in the cold.

Well, these are a few tips recommended for you guys to help you avoid New Scams. But this doesn't mean all the other sites are legit. Since we have great example around like VelocityClicks which had all these and yet scammed. So, PTC is always a risky business its upto your decision at the end if you want to Join, Invest or Promote a New PTC site . Good Luck and Happy Earnings!

NOTE: All of the above stated brilliant warnings are contribution of simon4u92 of I personally thank and simon4u92 for giving me the permission to post these tips in my blog. is the best and has the most complete source of information anything about Paid-to-click (PTC) sites. Futhermore, joining forum discussion gives you insights in everything how PTC industry works - from a newbie clicker to a PTC site owner. I highly recommend to read and join forum discussions before joining PTC sites especially for newbies. Personally, forum is my one-stop shop of information source.

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