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My Latest E-Venture - Stoic!


I've been keeping an eye on Stoic-Capital for months already. After doing some homework for quite sometime, I have never read any negative feedback about Stoic-Capital except for few heads-up like "...invest with extreme caution.." or "..invest only what you can afford to lose." Finally, I decided to sign-up and make a test deposit. I will write on this blog about any investments and payments (I will receive in the future) in this program.

To join Stoic-Capital, CLICK HERE.

Although Stoic-Capital only offers ROI up to 2.8% daily(kinda low compared to other HYIPs online that just came then leave anytime) but I guess that's not bad for a long term program. So far, it is the only program I found that will fit for my long-term investments online. If you visit the website, it comes with a secure script to protect investor’s information but also with a ANTIDDOS hosting that will help against hackers attacks insuring the uptime of their site and moreover, a COMODO seal!

To join Stoic-Capital, CLICK HERE.

So, what's a COMODO? Comodo is the 2nd largest Certification Authority for ensuring Identity Trust & Assurance on the web. Their third generation solutions are setting the standards for Identity and Trust Assurance to ensure both consumers and business' true e-identity and e-business authenticity. When a consumer sees or an e-merchant displays either a Comodo Content Verification Certificate or a HackerGuardian TrustLogo or a High Assurance SSL Certificate, they know they are assured of complete legitimacy and safety.
Now, I'm in and I'll keep you posted on my investments and returns.

From the Admin, some advantages of investing in The Stoic:

  • Internal Capitalization of Stoic - $USD 10 Million.
  • High Potential profitability grounded at all times by full guarantee of assets.
  • Up to 2.8% daily yield.
  • Asset distribution in all important markets, with emphasis in monetary market instruments (treasury bills, deposit certificates, etc.) and derivative securities (stocks, mutual funds, futures, options, warrants, certificates, etc.).
    24x7x365 complete customer support.
  • Flexible daily payments of profits to investors as required. The principal and compounded profit maturity period of 190 business days.
  • Flexible daily payments of principle, including profits to investors as required.
  • Client reward program of 5% commission on referrals.

To join Stoic-Capital, CLICK HERE.
Sunday, November 09, 2008

MegaLido - Proof of Payments

My second and 3rd payments received from MegaLido. As you can see, the first credited amount is $2.88 -that is my referral commission of 6% for every referral's upgrade. Another credited amount is $60.48 which I invested 12 days ago in the amount of $42. As I mentioned on my previous post, "..over time these figures will increase." So, let's start the ball rollin' and make more money!

This was my first payment recieved from MegaLido. With an initial investment of $6.00, I got 44% back after 12 days in a gross amount of $8.64. Not bad.

I will keep you posted with more proofs of payments to come! To join, click HERE.

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