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FREE E-BOOKS, from Harvey Segal - I just love this guy!!!


There's a new Ebook I have just come across which I predict will become very popular.
It presents a strategy for selling any type of product using methods which will never become obsolete. Plus an ingenious twist which will send your traffic rocketing. The Ultimate SuperTip, written by Harvey Segal (Mr SuperTips) is neatly set out, easy to follow, written without hype and not littered with annoying links.
And the cost of this book ?

It's free !

And it ends with an amazing idea for making you money from the book itself. I'd rush to get this book now if I were you at this website.

In this short (37 page) - and free - ebook Harvey has managed to include one unique idea after another on a wide variety of topics starting with his controversial stance on search engines and moving on to

-Getting traffic to your site
-Preselling with free ebooks
-Preselling with articles
-Autoresponders and follow up campaigns
-Ad tracking
-Affiliate marketing
-Viral marketing
-PDF book creation
-Ebook rebranding
-Creating niche sites
-Resale rights
He even throws in an amazing viral idea at the end! CLICK HERE to get his FREE E-books.
Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bye, Hello MainBux


Well, there has been a lot of confussions going on at I have been a member of early this year and become inactive for awhile. Two months ago, they spread the news of implementing instant payout , obviously popularity rises again. I for one, again thought to activate my account and starts to click ads everyday. I just love instant payouts! After all the frustrations from other PTC sites, NeoBux restored my faith in PTC sites.

Meanwhile, still was not able to implement what they promised to have an instant payout feature. Many has upgraded their accounts to grab the opportunity of the features. However, two months has passed and complaints are rising. Honestly, I have thought of upgrading my account too, I was just saving some bucks for Earn which took me so long to upgrade. It was a good thing that I have been patient because problems are rising at recently. Now, I'm thinking not to pursue my plan to upgrade at but instead, I look for another fast paying PTC site to replace my time I allocate for Earn. That is when I decided to join

MainBux says they will pay their FREE members within 15 days and premium members in 2 days. The site has an average of 10 ads. I am a standard member and get paid 1 cent for every ad I click. I earn 50% from my referral's clicks. I plan to upgrade my membership for $29.99/ year in order for me to earn 100% from referrals' clicks. So, let's see how things go.

Click HERE to join MainBux.

Work At Home - Earn $200+ Per Day At Home
Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thinking about ThinkBux?

ThinkBux is another paid-to-click (PTC) site that pays fast. It pays its members 1 cent/ad to view for only 30 seconds. Normally, they have an average of 4 - 6 ads per day for standard and 10-12 ads for upgraded members. I recently upgraded my account for me to earn more like $0.012 per ad I viewed and get 100% earnings from my referrals. I don't have much referrals though ( I only have 26, yet only few are active), but I earn as much as $1.00 per day. It's not bad though, I'm working on it to gain more. I mean, gain more referrals. This is the only way to maximize profit in PTC, more referrals means more earnings. One way for me to gain referrals is thru is a referral website. You get to join programs or sites to earn credits and these credits can be spent to buy referrals in return. is free to join. Another way for me to gain referrals in ThinkBux is to buy unreferred members. Although, it's a little bit expensive for me because it cost $1.00 per member but it is your forever, however, it is not gauranteed that the referrals you bought can stay active for a long time. Well, I just hope I'll be lucky that I'll get an active member. I have invited some friends too to join under me and they're happy to say that ThinkBux pay them fast. Fast as in less than 24 hours according in their TOS, however in my experience, even when I was just a standard member, I got paid in less than 12 hours.
In less than a month, I have my premium membership back and still profit. I know my profit would grow and I'm glad I'm one of the happy members in ThinkBux. You don't have to think much about joining, just do it now!
Click HERE to join.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Latest Neo's Spree

Currently, I have 1, 280 rented referrals in neobux and I am earning as much as $25/day. I am maintaining an average daily rental of $7/day. Well, not bad for an $18 daily profit, right?

Few days ago, I have noticed that my referrals wasn’t clicking ads that much. Maybe because many of them are standard members or perhaps, due to demographic location which causes to have limited number of ads to view. So, I have thought of recycling my referrals with an average of less than 2 clicks per day. However, with over a thousand referrals, it’s so hard for me to check each one’s activity. For this reason, it prompted me to use one of the programs made by many young brilliant minds from neobux community – there’s so many of it! Click HERE to check them out (Thanks to them, whew!). I used Terakoh’s Neobux Average Calculator because I don’t have to download the program to my laptop and I find it handy in that way. Then, I found out I have so many to recycle. I recycled my lazy referrals – the one’s who has an average of less than 2 clicks. I recycled like almost 300 referrals for only 5 cents per ref which cost me around $15 in total. Not that bad though, because after 2 days, my earning boost up from $13 per day to $25 now! Isn’t that sweet?
Wednesday, August 06, 2008