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How To Get Referrals

Have you ever wondered why a lot of members earn so much when they're just like you who get paid pennies? This is because of referrals. Another way to increase your earnings from PTC programs is to refer members by promoting your referral link or banners. Meaning, if you refer someone to join the program you will earn what they're earning. Some programs gives you a portion of your referral's earning and many offers 100% of referrals earning too. In this way, you will earn more than just your daily clicks. So, how and where will you get referrals? If you want the easy way, well, you have to invest money - buy referrals sold by your own PTC program! Additional ways to get refs are the following:
You can create a website or a blog with your referral links and promote it or you can just promote your referral links (without a blog or website).
Referral Packages
You can buy referral packages offered by the site where you're a member. These are the un-referred members who does not have a sponsor or referrer. Usually the cost vary from $0.90 to $1.50 per un-referred member.
Referral Websites
These sites are free-to-join sites that will assist you to gain referrals through its unique way of inviting potential referrals - like throught referral exchange, or credits, etc. You can check,, and more!
You may promote your program using the referral link provided by the site where you are a member. You can promote it to other PTC sites that has a lot of clickers or members.
You may join forum discussions about Pay-To-Click sites and can make referral exchanges. Here, you will be able to know who are honest & paying sites, scams sites, fast or slow payers. Visit, and try to visit too for reviews. Finally, you might try asking your friends and family, it works sometimes.

So GET BUSY NOW! There is NO quick way to riches online...Especially if you are starting from $0.00! You will have frustrating days, and will question if what you are doing is worth your time and trouble... BUT, DON'T GIVE UP! It is Worth it! Keep Going!
Monday, June 23, 2008

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