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About Me

I enjoy the thrill of poker eventhough I rarely win;
I love the aroma of coffee; a coffee drinker - and I guess I need to cut it down;
I'm a mom to a wonderful girl;
I admire Robert kiyosaki than Donald Trump;
I'm a fan of Tim Ferriss - I dream to have a lifestyle like his;
I consider Leo Babauta my motivational guru;
I love beaches - my color will tell;
I'm a bad cook and I found a man who can cook very well [for me ;)];
I was struggling to pass my English writing proficiency exam, on the contrary, I am blogging;
I'm a college graduate of Business Management and BSN-RN yet currently, i'm jobless.

What I want to do before 2009 ends...

Scuba diving
Volunteer work as a nurse
Spend as much time with my daughter
Create niche sites
Learn SEO
Learn, learn, learn things that I know nothing about...

Despite of life imperfections and contradictions, I am grateful of my sweet life. Who says life is impossible? Let's live and love life to the fullest.
Saturday, July 12, 2008

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