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Top 5 Get Paid To Programs

There are many ways to make money online while working at home. If you need to make just a few extra bucks, don’t have special skills, or don’t want to do anything challenging or risky, you can earn extra money from “Get Paid To” (GPT) programs. No other money making activity can offer you such an easy and risk-free method to earn money. All you risk with is your time.

What are the different types of GPT programs?

1. Get Paid To Click
Get paid to click programs will pay you to click on ads. Usually the pay is from $0.001 to $0.01. It takes a long time to earn money because the pay is too low.

2. Get Paid To Read E-mails
Get paid to read e-mail programs will pay you a few cents for receiving e-mails and clicking a link in the e-mail message. Sometimes you must fill out a form or respond to the e-mail in some other way in order to qualify for getting paid. Other types simply require you to open the e-mail for a specific amount of time or longer.

3. Get Paid To Surf

Get paid to surf programs will pay you to surf websites. Usually the payment rates are similar to paid to click programs.

4. Get Paid To Take Surveys
Get paid to take survey programs will pay you for taking and completing surveys. In some cases, the survey company will pay you in the form of coupons or free products.

5. Get Paid To Try Products
Get paid to try product programs will pay you to try products. These programs pay more than the other GPT programs. In general, most products are totally free. But some products are what’s referred to as risk free.

Risk free means you get to try a product for free for a certain amount of time. But before you can do so, you must use your credit card to sign up for the offer. Your card isn’t charged until after your trial period is over. If you decide that the product is not that good, you merely call or e-mail the company to cancel and not to charge your card. The company won’t charge your card, you get to keep the product, and you still get paid a commission for trying it.

Get paid to programs are a way to make some extra money while working at home. But don’t rely on them to feed you and your family. There are also many scams in the GPT business. You have to do your homework and take special precautions to protect yourself and your computer from the scammers.
Monday, April 27, 2009

6 Tips To Help You Get Organized When Working At Home

When you work from home, sometimes you feel like you’re on call 24 hours a day. That’s why it’s important to get organized to make your life as a work at home mom efficient and stress-free. Here are 6 tips to help you get organized:

1. Set up specific working times during each day. By setting up a work schedule:
• You’ll work more efficiently.
• You’ll reduce distractions like checking your e-mail, neighbor’s visits, telephone calls, snacking or watching television.
• You’ll schedule household tasks around your work time so you’ll be more focused during your work time.
• It will help your family and friends understand when you’re working and not available for socializing.

2. Find an area where you can work. You can work in a separate room, a corner in your kitchen, or you can use a screen to partition off your “office.”

3. Don’t take unnecessary personal calls during work hours. It helps to have a separate business phone line, but you can make do by using an answering machine or a message service.

4. Have a family conference and divide household duties. Make sure each person does his/her part. By sharing the household duties as a family, you’ll have more time to get your work done and feel more rested.

5. Plan your work and family activities. Keep track of appointments, things to do, calls to make, errands to run, shopping, etc. When you plan each activity for a specific time, you’ll manage your time more wisely in and out of your home office.

6. Organize your home. Organize the things in your desk and top of your desk. Make sure that all your essential things are within reach. Make sure that all your things are well arranged so you can find and use what you need easily.

When you take the time to get yourself organized, you will find that your work at home will run much more smoothly, and your home will run more efficiently. You will be able to concentrate on your work when you need to, you will find the time to do the things you love, and you will find the time to spend with your family.
Monday, April 20, 2009

6 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog


Many of the people who write blogs simply want to share their opinion on something. While it may be fun to write about everything that interests you, you can also use your blogs to make extra money. Here are 6 ways to turn your blog into a moneymaker:

1. Contextual advertising program

You can sign up free and then integrate a given code to the page where you want the ads to appear. The advertising network automatically checks your web page and determines the most relevant ads for the page. Without much effort from you, you get ads targeted at the interests of your visitors. You get paid every time someone clicks on an ad.

2. Advertising space

If your blog has a particular niche, you can approach companies selling similar products or services for ads. But most companies would only put ads if your blog has high traffic.

3. Affiliate programs
Affiliate links are provided by companies that will pay you a certain percentage of each sale/lead made through your unique link. Most of them are free to sign up and very easy to implement.

4. Pay per post
There are various companies and websites who pay bloggers to post details of their product or service on the blog and add a link to their website. It is important that your blog is focused on a specific niche.

5. Selling goods and services
You can sell ebooks, telecourses or consulting services through your blog. You will get a commission each time someone buys a product you recommend.

6. Sponsorship
Blog sponsorship ranges from obvious “advertising” blogs that are squarely focused on a company’s product through adding a company’s name, logo and brand, to blogs with “Sponsored by…” put at the beginning of the advertising post to make it appear less intrusive. You have to have enough traffic to attract sponsorship.

There are many ways to make money from your blog. And the great thing about it is that you can do it at home, or just in your free time. Start implementing these money making strategies in your blog today and let it earn while you sleep. Not only will you make money, but your blog will become more popular as well.
Monday, April 13, 2009

7 Tips For A Successful Babysitting Business

No matter if you’re young, old, or in-between, babysitting is a great way to make some serious extra money. You can make thousands of dollars a year on caring for other people’s children. Starting a babysitting business is easy and inexpensive. The schedules are flexible and babysitting jobs are available all year round. But babysitting is an important responsibility whether you are a teenager or an adult. Here are 7 tips to succeed with babysitting:

1. Get some training.
Get babysitter training from Girl Scouts or your local YMCA and get CPR and first aid certified from your local Red Cross. Just having certification keeps parents feel more secure. And who knows, your CPR skills might actually come in handy.

2. Figure out your schedule.
Set a schedule of when you are available to babysit and accept clients who will follow your schedule. To keep track of your engagements, keep a small pocket planner.

3. Set your prices.
Rates are usually charged by the hour and depend on the degree of responsibility. Call around to some area babysitters to get an idea of the going rate in your part of town.

4. Advertise your babysitting services.
• Create flyers and post them on local bulletin boards, elementary schools, grocery stores, etc.
• Create some business cards to give out whenever an opportunity presents itself.
• Advertise in your local newspaper.
• Spread the word about your babysitting business through word of mouth. Ask your family and friends to recommend you to others.
• Use promotions such as giving clients a free hour of babysitting to gain reputation and a large clientele.

5. Get to know your clients before you begin an assignment.
During your babysitting interview, discuss hours, rate of pay, date of pay, transportation to and from the babysitting gig and any other questions or concerns you may have with new clients.

5. Actually interact with the kids.
Stand out as a babysitter by interacting with the children you are babysitting. Play games with them, have craft days, or come up with fun, creative ideas for playtime. You’ll soon be the favorite babysitter of all the kids you care for, and parents will usually choose you as a more permanent and better-paid babysitter.

7. Expand your babysitting business.
If you get so many clients that you simply don’t have time to accept all of the babysitting assignments offered to you, bring other babysitters into the business.

Follow these 7 tips and you will soon be running a lucrative babysitting business.
Monday, April 06, 2009