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7 How-to Basic Tips to Search For an Online Business


"In life and business, there are 2 cardinal sins. The first is to act precipitously without thought and the second is to not act at all." Carl Icahn, American Billionaire Financier.

If you are reading this, you are without the first sin. Because choosing a business that fits is so vital to your success, researching and thinking it through is a necessary first step. I will touch on the basics which are:

1. What area or niche is right for you

2. Starting the search

3. Examining businesses

4. Looking at products

5. Looking at the competition and future customers

6. Finding a business model

7. Time to act

1. What are you passionate about? What would you rather be doing instead of anything else? This will be the niche that you look at. Type "online business" into a search engine (SE), you'll find Yahoo lists 920,000,000 sites and Google lists 9,600,000 sites. Yes, that's millions. Don't worry! That's why you must put thought and research into building a business. This will help you to stand out from the crowd. Take notes of all that you notice, both what you like and dislike.

2. After choosing your niche, think about all the words and phrases describing your niche. Type them into a search bar. Notice key words used on these sites. Notice the different pages as you click on the titles that grab your attention. Are the sites attractive or cluttered (too many ads or no call to action) or neither? Write down the company name. These names will give you ideas when you are choosing a website name.

3. As you examine these companies, find the owner. Type their "name" inside parentheses into a search bar to find out about them and their businesses.

Look at the guarantees and reviews listed. Use some sense, here, either common sense, horse sense, or hunches. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be a cynic when looking at reviews. See what they focus on and think what if the opposite is true. You will never know for sure until you try it. But, is it reasonable? More importantly, is it something you can achieve, maybe even a fourth or half of it? Some have achieved large incomes, it's true.

4. You have to look at and evaluate the products to see if they fit you or you would feel comfortable and enthusiastic in selling them. This is important, but network marketing isn't about selling products. It is about selling you. You must come across as trustworthy, true to yourself, and true to the ideals that you live by.

Areas to explore are: being an affiliate, selling someone's product (info ebooks, services like site building, or consumables) or selling your ebooks (info of some kind). Being an affiliate means that you can earn while you learn. WARNING! It all takes time. How much? You are the only one that can answer that.

5. You have already looked at your competitors sites. Study your notes, keywords, and phrases. Try to find any gaps (unique products or areas not covered) that you can fill. This will be a way for you to stand out in your niche. But, if you become an affiliate first, you will focus on your products. But spend some time each day learning all you can about your niche, the people who would be interested in your niche, and the unique products that would solve a problem or give someone pleasure. You must know everything possible about your future customers.

6. Once you have found the business for you, make sure you find a successful model that you can follow. If you have chosen the right business, this would be someone within this niche. Do all the things they are doing. Improve on their methods if you can. This will insure your success, too.

One way to follow a mentor, is to buy their books. Or, research at the library, used book stores, and the net, to find a guide. For instance, Amazon has 16,767 books about online businesses. What I like about Amazon, you can take a peek inside most of their books while online.

7. Time is the only thing we can't buy or produce. You can save time by out sourcing some of the writing involved. Writing you say! SSH. Don't scare them away! Why, after all, we are talking about something that is their passion. If they can talk about it, they can write about it.

It not only takes time to find the right business, it takes time to set up an awesome website or business. There is a lot of information about domains (buying a name for your business from godaddy or hostgator), designing your website, and driving traffic to your website, so I won't go into that here. Your notes and keywords will help you in this area.

I am almost finished, but you are just starting. Continue learning all you can about your niche and the business that you want, no, MUST have. Remember the quote that began this article?

Now it is up to you to escape the second sin. YOU must ACT!

Thank you. I wish you the best of success in your new business.

Written by Jerry Collins whose business is found at:
Monday, January 12, 2009

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