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6 Tips To Help You Get Organized When Working At Home

When you work from home, sometimes you feel like you’re on call 24 hours a day. That’s why it’s important to get organized to make your life as a work at home mom efficient and stress-free. Here are 6 tips to help you get organized:

1. Set up specific working times during each day. By setting up a work schedule:
• You’ll work more efficiently.
• You’ll reduce distractions like checking your e-mail, neighbor’s visits, telephone calls, snacking or watching television.
• You’ll schedule household tasks around your work time so you’ll be more focused during your work time.
• It will help your family and friends understand when you’re working and not available for socializing.

2. Find an area where you can work. You can work in a separate room, a corner in your kitchen, or you can use a screen to partition off your “office.”

3. Don’t take unnecessary personal calls during work hours. It helps to have a separate business phone line, but you can make do by using an answering machine or a message service.

4. Have a family conference and divide household duties. Make sure each person does his/her part. By sharing the household duties as a family, you’ll have more time to get your work done and feel more rested.

5. Plan your work and family activities. Keep track of appointments, things to do, calls to make, errands to run, shopping, etc. When you plan each activity for a specific time, you’ll manage your time more wisely in and out of your home office.

6. Organize your home. Organize the things in your desk and top of your desk. Make sure that all your essential things are within reach. Make sure that all your things are well arranged so you can find and use what you need easily.

When you take the time to get yourself organized, you will find that your work at home will run much more smoothly, and your home will run more efficiently. You will be able to concentrate on your work when you need to, you will find the time to do the things you love, and you will find the time to spend with your family.
Monday, April 20, 2009

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